Project Gutenberg is a prime example of how to not handle elements attacking the free culture movement.

No, blocking everyone from Germany does not send a message, It just prevents me and everyone else here from using Project Gutenberg.

Could've just taken down the few books that you got takedown notices for.

@aurelia But that's more work, and profit margins dictate that cutting off an entire country for the actions of a few has less short-term impact on profits than hiring people to ensure the many still have access to the work of your underlings.

@KitsuneAlicia I think you might have made some wrong assumptions about project gutenberg.

It's a volunteer-run noncommercial site with books that are definitely PD in the US.

Some of these books are not PD in Germany, so upon getting takedown requests for 3 authors they decided to just block all german IPs from every book.

@aurelia Ah. Whoops. I see now. I hate it when I don't realize how tired I really am. I should've seen that much in the original post, but failed. Sorry about that.

Yeah, idk what motive they would have here. It's not that hard to create a country-based filter & then add those books to the blacklist for it. I mean, they already made the country-wide filter, but they apparently chose to add the entire site to the blacklist instead of just a few pages.

@aurelia Okay. I read more into it. They're worried about being bullied by large corporations using Germany's courts as a way to exert it, and being forced to waste resources on court proceedings that could be better spent on getting more books and stuff.

I can understand their concern, but given they're operating under US law, which says what they're doing is legal, they could just leave it up and tell these corporations to take it up with the US court if they're so concerned about it.

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