A QA tester walks into a bar. They order 1 beer. They order -1 beer. They order 2,147,483,648 beers. They order 🍕✴️🐓 beers. They order a bee.

I've got bad news Mastodons have been dead for 11,000 years

Twitter may have the Trump takes, but here is something that Twitter does not have: wound cube

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Conservatives think that a boycott is buying a company’s goods and then throwing them away because they see companies as people with feelings that can be hurt.

there just wasnt so much stuff back then. it wasnt even very long ago at all!!! whenever anything on the internet happened, which was about once every 10 days, everybody was like "ah have you seen the new thing, here let me send it to you" an dyou'd be like "haha thats cool" because it was. now everythings cool and nothings cool. i bet in another 10 years it'll've got even worse and we'll be like "ah 2019 the golden fucking age, the internet was so sedate"

Pronouns =/= gender. Everyone can have any pronouns they want. This includes:
-cis ppl who want new pronouns
-trans ppl who want to use pronouns that are associated with their assigned gender at birth
-gender nonconforming people
-people who change their pronouns a lot
-people who like different pronouns in different situations

I love u all, self identification is fun and not serious, gatekeeping it is useless

I Remember How In My Junior Year Of High School My European History Teacher Tried To Hold A Salon Where We Roleplayed As Various Englightenment/Protestant Reformation Thinkers And Monarchs, And Within Minutes Half Of Us Were Holding A Protest Where We Chanted ‘Women Are Property’ To Accurately Reflect What Our Assigned Characters Would’ve Said In The Modern Day Because. All Except Two Or Three Characters Out Of A Class Of 30 Hated Women

police violence, swatting 

Piracy i guess? 

abuse ment 

People who manage to be transphobic and fetishise trans people in the same breath: Go die Challenge

"are you amab or afab ?"

"i'm ahab and i'm gonna kill this fucking whale"

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