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a reimagining of fairy tales where all non-protagonist/royalty characters are collapsed into a single, extremely put-upon character

happy super blood wolf moon y’all!! 🌒🌑🌘

getting to know me is knowing the fact that when i drop a single monotone "hey" that something cursed will inevitably follow. its the equivalent of hearing me cock a gun in a dark alleyway and i have my target clear in my sights

hi! i just switched from lgbtq.cool but my name's morgan, im 19, and im currently in school for public policy and philosophy. im an aspiring environmental lawyer and im passionate about sustainability! other than that, i really love talking about religion, spirituality, and various niche topics i pick up lmao im also starting my transition so i might talk about that on here!


shenanigans levels are 50% and steady

(50%) ■■■■■□□□□□

In case you don’t hear it anywhere else today:

I’m thankful you’re here.

Here are some photos of my crow friend. We sit in the park and they purr at me, and I purr back, and we've both learned a lot from these exchanges

i am extremely agile. i have practiced this agility by purchasing an army of 17 roombas and taping various knives around them. also my ankles hurt.

:blobcatpawmean: the best feeling in the world is when you manage to drag your friends down into your hyperfixations with you

they put the colors in upside-down, but i found pansexual glasses

(cw selfie ec)

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Has anybody told you you're cute today?

Because if not, well, you are!

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