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new pinned toot and intro etc etc also our system info 

I'm Amber, a 28 year old disabled trans nonbinary woman living in Chile with my wife

we're a plural system, and Amber refers to both the system and one of its members - it's just comfier, don't worry about it. we kinda flip between singular and plural pronouns a lot.

We're heavily interested in electronics, speedrunning, and really old dated MMOs, so expect to see a bunch of that

We consist of three members: a medianish subsystem consisting of Amber and Sarah, and Jade. We are diagnosed DID (but don't really give a shit about dx as far as plural stuff goes), and more or less tired of hiding that aspect of us so we're rather open about it at this point. We don't bother with emojis and such to differentiate anymore for the most part, don't really worry about it too much.

Amber and Sarah mostly share memories and often cofront, while Jade is generally cut off from the rest.

one of the big downsides tbh of this whole moving to another country thing is i have felt incredibly, incredibly isolated even before the pandemic

worms armageddon got an update what

i got to run cave story 3d on a gdq show tho, so that was cool

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i haven't been on here a lot because my mental health is in the shitter given HKEY_CURRENT_YEAR but i'm still survivin

pers, - 

moving to a new country to marry my partner where i barely speak the language turns out to result in feeling very isolating and lonely despite living with the woman i love, who would've guessed

hi i'm feeling good about how i look lately

cw for eye contact in photo

i finally got around to using a plugin that changes all font on every site i use to opendyslexic and the internet is like 800x more usable

been forgetting to check here because of low spoons

oh right i forgot to share this i think, but i am starting to cover music on the gameboy

I covered Meltdown 2 from Cave Story

pandemic, mh- 

feeling like i have to be the one to constantly stay strong during this despite the fact that i am fragile and i'm the one at severe risk, so my partner doesn't break down

idk how long i can keep going it's an enormous strain

regret to inform i' m on windows now

i guess i'm moving to linux mint because it's the only install usb we have and i don t have the energy to make another one

Ema installed cinnamon on my laptop and it completely broke my mic driver and i just do not have the energy to fix it

just been informed cis people are allowed to speedrun, when was this rule change implemented

personal, very + 

liking my body for the first time in my entire life, the power of 1y hrt

do you think cloud needs help getting to things on the top shelf

selfie, eye contact, hot girl inside 


selfie, eye contact, bed that needs to be made PLEASE DISREGARD IT 

i got hot

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