"why is everyone staring at us"
[glance back at where we were sitting]
"oh right"

since this is, for whatever reason, the one antennacane post that blew up, here's a better photo of the instrument that you probably missed before

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and, while we're here, FAQ:
- It's a Yagi-Uda antenna for 2.4 GHz wifi with a gain of about 16-17 dBi across the band (center is channel 6 at 2437 MHz)
- It's also a cane
- We are able-bodied and don't need a cane at the moment, but we're hardly letting that stop us
- It uses a TP-Link TL-WN722N V1 wifi transceiver, a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a USB battery bank as its onboard electronics
- The transceiver is capable of 20 dBm TX and around -90 dBm RX
- Maximum range is measured in kilometers

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@diodelass bun only understood half of these things but is very impress and wants to touch the shiny now

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