6:20AM is wayyyyyy too early to be in a hospital for an operation. Bleh.

💙 reminder that you, yes you, are inherently worthy of life, love, respect, and support. I'm here for you and I love you 💙

From today’s PostSecret update. I don’t know if I’ve ever related to a postcard there more.

Elizabeth Warren, what are you even doing anymore?


You’re not even promoting actual socdem theory, that shit’s just polite neoliberalism. Like…

> Half of all America owns not one share of stock. Not one.

Is that your biggest fucking problem with our economy right now? I don’t own enough stock? GDI Warren, be better at actually being a progressive.

“Almost immediately — and despite wording in the Guidelines discouraging such action — doctors began coercing patients to reduce doses of opioid analgesics that had been effective in managing their pain for years.”



i just noticed that when you change the toot privacy to unlisted, the exclamation mark on the toot butotn disappears! that's adorable omg

@sascha hey, i’m trying to log in via some Mastodon clients but every attempt on any client gives me a “can’t authenticate with server” error; may i gently request help?

Wow, I can just order remission from my diseases on the internet? Why did no one tell me that was an option?! Just imagine all the time I’ve wasted taking prescriptions and trying to wait it out!

i’m so overwhelmed right now. i have a list of phone calls i need to make, have to finish three pieces of writing in a very short time frame, do four separate physical things around the house that are difficult for me because of the EDS, and just… keep on top of everything else i’m doing. none of this would be That Bad if i wasn’t in the worst depressive episode and physical pain i’ve ever been in and they weren’t making even one of the above things seem insurmountable.

i just feel so /behind/.

Watching the stream on Twitch right now, and god, I wish CD Project RED would be even 1% less transparent with their misogyny.

I can already tell this game is going to win a ton of GOTY awards and sell fantastically despite the writing being complete garbage, just like The Witcher

hey guys, how do we sell our game? I know: let’s put topless female junkie in the trailer for two or three consecutive minutes, followed immediately by the female PC in a gratuitous underwear shot!

people shouldn’t starve to death because they’re not making a profit for someone else [citation needed]

I love Medium, but it can be wild sometimes.

I wish platonic cuddling was more normal

My Mastodon introduction, and also the first paragraph of my artistic/deprecating self‐description piece:

The birdsite finally got bad enough for me to want to go somewhere else, so hey, everyone. You get to deal with me now.

I’m sorry.

A miscellaneous human being. Her skin is stitched together haphazard from thrift store fabric, and the words she manages to extort from her mouth are nothing more than the bottled detrita that have fallen off of people far more interesting than her. She’s the type to get accused of missing the forest for the trees, then try to address the grievance through deforestation. You find yourself unable to decide whether her joints or her disposition are more jabbing and angular.

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