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@Jo Holy heck, how does it take 10 minutes to explain what pronouns are and what it means to have them in your bio?

Why is the five minutes for looking up FOSS relevant???

Hey, as an enby, how many nipples and in what configuration am I allowed to display them on tumblr?

Is it half of each nipple? One nipple? What if I have three nipples, do I get 1.5? Can I choose configuration myself in that case or am I restricted to 1 + 0.5 or 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5?

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Heya all, I am a gay as heck games dev living in Australia, and I'd love it if you could follow me and check out my art :)

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Holla comrades it is Comrade Jadie. I'm a bi trans non b from Australia. I'm a lowly student studying environmental science but I like huge nerd stuff like d&d and sci fi. Yeah, I know you can do that, but our attacker has not been doing that. Regarding the permission system/other:
* The permission to ban, remove bans, and view bans is the same.
* The permission to apply roles to users is the same as editing the roles.
* There is no easy "see all channels"-permission.
* There is nowhere in the roles-menu on server management that tells you how you *should* set up your roles
* Adding a bot bypasses bans, removing them without any audit log entry
* Dyno is a mess. Don't use Dyno. It requests almost all permissions. In addition, fuck Discord for not implementing a good permission system or proper audit logs.

Specifically: adding a bot does not appear in the audit log.

Someone in upper management on an ancom-server I'm in has either been compromised or turned on the server. This person has been adding the Dyno management bot with automod set to a management role and then used another user to come in and start banning people.

Thanks Discord. Thanks for helping track down who did this.

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Slightly crude I guess 

Me: "You know, there's going to be another opportunity to draw something in this game."
My spouse: "Don't draw a dick."

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@_ampersand Whoa, what the hell.

I've not had that experience yet!

CW: one suicide reference in the video.

Someone made a video for Redesign Your Logo and it is good.

food, vegetarianism, meat 

@aloe Same.

Bone remains too.

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