Not in a self-harm way, but goddamn, sometimes the only thing that gets me thru the day is the understanding existence is not forever.

Heaven is some terrifying shit, let alone hell.

Wild how billions of people go thru life thinking they’re going to be conscious forever.

there's a lot of money to be had in telling people Red/Brown alliances are the path forward

why would you ever be bothered that someone younger than you doesn’t know something?

they’ve spent less time on this planet & know all sorts of things you have no idea of

of course you’re going to know things they don’t yet. how do you remember learning new things?

"The essays in this zine were written by the Mary Nardini Gang/A Gang of Criminal Queers. These texts come from Bash Back!. Bash Back! was a queer anarchist tendency that started in the Midwest. It aimed to be a network for queer anarchists to connect and to confront the pitiful normality of capital, the state, and heterosexuality. To read more texts like these go steal a copy of “Queer Ultraviolence: Bash Back! Anthology” or look around online."

Serenity Laboratories

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