Selfies, eye contact, crowdfunding 

Hey. So I talked about this in other instances, but I’m going to be moving to a new place next month. I need help with covering rent and bills while I look for a new job. You can support me directly through Venmo, Paypal or Cashapp.

You can also support my writing through Patreon. I have written some new essays lately and am going to release more.

Venmo: FarahT
Cashapp: $Underwraps77

Thank you for your support. ❤️

Selfies, eye contact, crowdfunding 

I want to thank people for sharing my post and pitching in. I'm moving within the next few weeks and even with the $2,000 check news, its crucial that I be able to cover things so I can have a place while looking for work. Please help me out. Thanks. ❤️

Crowdfunding, thanks 

I want to thank everyone for sharing/pitching in so far. I still need money to help cover first month's rent while I try to secure a recent job opportunity. So please keep it up. And of course I will continue to make content so you can support me as a creative if you'd prefer. Thanks!

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