Selfies, lewd, self-promotion 

What do you think?

Tip me or subscribe to my OnlyFans today.

Cashapp: $Underwraps77

Selfies, lewd, self-promotion 

Tried to deal with unemployment for about 3 months now, got a letter saying I don't qualify for pandemic aid and am working to appeal it.

I could use some help. If you want to help me directly, my cashapp is $Underwraps77 and my Venmo is @FarahT. My Paypal is also here (deadname warning):

I appreciate the help. It may be another 3 months before I get anything, but your support has kept me together and I hope what I share/do on here helps you, too. 鉂わ笍

Selfies, lewd, self-promotion and crowdfunding 

Wish you were laying next to me. 馃槝

If you want to see more and help me out while I鈥檓 appealing a denial of pandemic aid from my state鈥檚 unemployment office, you can subscribe to me on OnlyFans:

You can also tip me directly. My cashapp is $Underwraps77, my Venmo is @/FarahT (remove the slash) and my paypal is (deadname warning):

I could really use the support and money. Please share and pitch in if you can. Thanks. 鉂わ笍



I'm still waiting to hear from unemployment about my appeal for pandemic aid, so I could still use some help. My cashapp is $Underwraps77, my Venmo is @/FarahT (remove the slash) and my paypal is (deadname warning):

If you could share this, I would appreciate it.

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