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Failbook finally shut me down over some made up clown shit lol, I'm so glad I made a little home here. Thank you all. πŸ’œ

I have no spoons for work, only memes 🀑 And there are indeed two annoying flies in here

TN is not the worst transphobia you'll see out of the US this year, trust me. 

"But N, you can't just go around calling whomever opposes you a monster"
That's where you're wrong, friendo. **Finger guns**
This predatory shitlord wants to inspect children's genitals. Everybody should fucking know his name. 🀬

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TN is not the worst transphobia you'll see out of the US this year, trust me. 

Fb still ain't letting me post πŸ™„
Anyway, if you don't know what's going on in the United Snakes, pretty much a single hate group is behind all the horrifically violent anti-trans legislation you see happening right now. They're called the Alliance Defending Freedom and they're monsters who are literally bringing back segregation. I wish I were kidding!!


I work in a predominantly Central American and Mexican neighborhood now and every day I pass by food carts with pernil and all my favorite foods and ....and....😭 I want it so bad it's all I can think about but I'm trying to eat less meat and lose a little bit more weight before my surgery in July. After then this will be the first thing I eat when I can go back to work cos I sure asf don't have access to my own kitchen for 5Β½ hours to make this myself. πŸ˜’

Ok, oof this just turned into a rant post. Sorry lol

Turns out, fb is curbing leftist page output, not because it's Malcolm X's birthday, but because McDonald's workers are striking for a higher wage today and of course they're trying to limit organization and information sharing. Nobody should be shocked fb is a fascist platform.
Anyway, solidarity with fast food and all workers, power to the people, destroy capitalism, and if you cross the picket line you're a filthy scab.

Failbook straight up won't let me post on any of my pages today. I guess zucc is hoping this will keep people from wishing Malcolm X a very happy birthday. Fuck zucc, fuck the spooks who data mine his shitty site and fuck all the asshole neckbeard admins who do his bidding like good little mindless ghouls. Idgaf, a HERO was born on May 19, 1925 and his name was Malcom X. Happy mother fucking birthday to this legend!!!

On the side of his house, my neighbor had a whole bed of yellow irises and they were all drooping across his driveway lmao I want to get a photo of it but the old man is always standing out there looking around like he's afraid somebody might come and pluck them all πŸ˜‚

Ghouls, Ghastlies, and Cryptids, I present to you, my nibbling.
This is 100% them and I'm crying πŸ˜‚


I know a lot of y'all don't live in the States but I really want you to understand how held captive we are. Every day there are reminders that murderous lunatics are in charge. This is how you handle venomous snakes. Our police are given guns, propaganda TV shows, millions and millions of dollars, the most powerful union in the country, and pretty much blanket immunity from prosecution, and we have to avoid startling them so they won't murder people. This is our reality. This reality is much, much worse for Black people, especially Black queer and trans people. I cannot even fathom the every day radiation of fear they experience, all the while being treated like they're crazy for it. This place is fucking insane.
Excerpt from here:

Music recc but only if you want!! 

My problem is that whenever a friend and I spend some time trading music, once the other person has enough or has to go, because I'm autistic it's really hard for me to switch gears, so I need to keep sharing for a bit.
If anyone is interested in an amazing cellist, this is my favorite cover from one of my favorite cello artists. I love Cremaine Booker so much I've even sat through his Christmas songs lmfao

This one I could listen to over and over, it's spellbinding. ✨ Enjoy.

Don't mind me, doo-dee-doo, just burying some stuff on my timeline lol

Meant to post this here yesterday, didn't. 🀷🏻

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