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It's impossible to run a business for free under Capitalism. I'm tired. 

So....convert kit is NOT actually free, they dropped this turd on me after working on their bullshit no-mobile-site-having-ass landing page all frickin day

[the top insulin producers collude to triple the price of insulin in lockstep over the last decade]:

[Republicans]: *sleep*

[conservatives don't have a viable social media platform where they can be openly racist]:

[Republicans]: *suddenly discover anti-trust laws*

I'm just gonna say it... people who translate the Vedas literally are the new earth creationists of the East.

I'm just gonna leave this pain is gone now and I'm so nice lmao
I use coconut oil but once I didn't have anything so I cracked open an omega 3 softgel and used that :drooling: :blobdab:
Necessity is the mother of invention

Insipid, anxiety fueled rant 

I've been trying so hard to fight off this misanthropy, y'all. And I was doing well, too. And then all of a sudden everyone around me started getting on my damn nerves. I've been struggling to find a shrink who takes my insurance and I thought I finally found one but they're completely incompetent. They'll email me with a bunch of free times and ask me to pick a few, so I will, then I won't hear back from them in a few days only to get another email with an apology, then asking me to pick another few days. Do they not make appointments? Is this a scam to get my medical information? Who runs a business this way???
Maybe it's cos I'm in my Mars Mahadasha, or maybe I haven't masturbated in a few weeks, or meditated in a few days. I could do either of those things right now, bu-

No wait, was that gonna be an excuse? Nvm, have a good night

I just came on here to share memes and forget why I fucking hate all the assholes I share this city with

GurrrrRRRAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH I have such a rant brewing about people who use "you're ___phobic" against literally everything they don't like!! When chuds say shit like "you sjws just call everything you don't like phobic" they're thinking of people like this!!! They're actively hurting the left and I'm sick of it

The Riddler is such an underused character. It's a shame the chuds stole him and turned him into an anti-semitic meme

If anyone could use this for something, feel free to steal it

This has been me @ bootlicking twats on fb and twitter for the past 3 hours lmao
Feel free to steal it

I made like 6 posts this morning and none of them were funny

Ok..... **Sigh** Time to call out a racist exclus and get my fb page absolutely crushed by her 20K+ strong cult. I'm SO glad I have all my memes backed up on Mastodon 😫

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