@FirstProgenitor **Chef's kiss** As a trans masc person, thank you for posting this.
May I take a screenshot to post on fb? I get a lot of shit there regarding this exact headass talking point and I want to print this out, frame it and shove it up some people's asses.
I want to post this everywhere.. lol but I could crop your name out if you prefer.

Been making some reaction pics to leave in the comments of other people's donko ass posts. Feel free to steal these

It's corny and old but idgaf lmao
Pride month is both awesome and awful. I hate seeing rainbow merchandise everywhere. Maybe stop killing, firing, and evicting us instead?

Anyway, today has been sheer hell. I had a 7 hour long anxiety attack! I didn't even know they human body could do that
Lol Today can eat my dick, I'm done

“We live in a world where captains get arrested for saving people’s lives on the sea; where a person downloading scientific articles faces 35 years in jail; where people risk charges for bringing contraceptives to those who otherwise couldn’t get them. Folks are getting in trouble for giving food to the poor, medicine to the sick, water to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless.”

Why the FUCK am I seeing people get away with this shit, CALL IT OUT

gender snark 

Very cool, I'll leave your name out and link the study, because fb is an unpredictable wasteland. 😂 thank you!

gender snark 

@Vierkantor Damn, this is true and so gross. May I screenshot this for fb? I could leave your handle out if you so choose. Thanks!

This was the last thing I posted, along with mentioning I was going into surgery but now failbook won't let me post anymore so all my followers gonna think I died 😬

Failbook finally shut me down over some made up clown shit lol, I'm so glad I made a little home here. Thank you all. 💜

I have no spoons for work, only memes 🤡 And there are indeed two annoying flies in here

TN is not the worst transphobia you'll see out of the US this year, trust me. 

"But N, you can't just go around calling whomever opposes you a monster"
That's where you're wrong, friendo. **Finger guns**
This predatory shitlord wants to inspect children's genitals. Everybody should fucking know his name. 🤬

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TN is not the worst transphobia you'll see out of the US this year, trust me. 

Fb still ain't letting me post 🙄
Anyway, if you don't know what's going on in the United Snakes, pretty much a single hate group is behind all the horrifically violent anti-trans legislation you see happening right now. They're called the Alliance Defending Freedom and they're monsters who are literally bringing back segregation. I wish I were kidding!!


I work in a predominantly Central American and Mexican neighborhood now and every day I pass by food carts with pernil and all my favorite foods and ....and....😭 I want it so bad it's all I can think about but I'm trying to eat less meat and lose a little bit more weight before my surgery in July. After then this will be the first thing I eat when I can go back to work cos I sure asf don't have access to my own kitchen for 5½ hours to make this myself. 😒

Ok, oof this just turned into a rant post. Sorry lol

Turns out, fb is curbing leftist page output, not because it's Malcolm X's birthday, but because McDonald's workers are striking for a higher wage today and of course they're trying to limit organization and information sharing. Nobody should be shocked fb is a fascist platform.
Anyway, solidarity with fast food and all workers, power to the people, destroy capitalism, and if you cross the picket line you're a filthy scab.

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