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I know a lot of y'all don't live in the States but I really want you to understand how held captive we are. Every day there are reminders that murderous lunatics are in charge. This is how you handle venomous snakes. Our police are given guns, propaganda TV shows, millions and millions of dollars, the most powerful union in the country, and pretty much blanket immunity from prosecution, and we have to avoid startling them so they won't murder people. This is our reality. This reality is much, much worse for Black people, especially Black queer and trans people. I cannot even fathom the every day radiation of fear they experience, all the while being treated like they're crazy for it. This place is fucking insane.
Excerpt from here:

Don't mind me, doo-dee-doo, just burying some stuff on my timeline lol

Transcript: How to Love and Care for Yourself More

1. Interrupt the denigrating, negative self talk.
2. Don’t beat yourself up when you get something wrong.
3. Give yourself credit for the ways you’ve changed and grown.
4. Say something good about yourself every day.
5. Refuse to fixate on the things that could go wrong.
6. Believe that you are worthy of unconditional love.

A note on this- you'll never receive unconditional love from others, nor should you. I recently went on a whole ass diatribe about how the concept of "conditional love" is demonized by folks who want to manipulate you into staying with them through abuse. Your love with others should be conditional, it's healthy. People deserve the right to say no, erect boundaries, and even drop you if you cannot treat them correctly. You also deserve the same right with them. The unconditional love needs to come from yourself, because that's the one person you cannot escape. You have no choice but to forgive yourself.

Have you ever had your guides call you out by putting a meme about you in your head? 🤡😩

Shitty zucc meme, direct eye contact 

"I receive: personal data"
"You receive: nothing"
😒 Fuck this hoe

Love & Boundaries 

Conditional love is only demonized in a society run by abusers. The truth is, your love can absolutely be conditional, it's normal and healthy. Nobody should be so comfortable with you that they feel they can disrespect you without consequence. Guard your boundaries ferociously. If anyone makes you choose between respecting them or yourself, your choice should be abundantly clear.

Liberals and China- cringe and not OC 

Script: How to be an honest liberal:

Instead of "China is authoritarian", say: "I have a paper thin understanding of politics"

Instead of "China is committing genocide", say: "I trust far right conspiracy theories"

Instead of "Hate China, not the people", say, "I have a white savior complex"

Instead of "There's no free speech in China", say "I have never talked to a Chinese person"

Instead of "US is bad but China is worse", say, "I acknowledge my govt is horribly corrupt but I still believe everything they tell me about China"

Seven Types of Rest:
• Physical Rest: Napping, sitting, deep breathing
• Mental Rest: Meditation, daily affirmations
• Emotional Rest: Talk to a trusted friend, self-care
• Sensory Rest: "Digital Detox", sit in silence
• Creative Rest: Poetry, play, dance, paint
• Spiritual Rest: Prayer, scripture, journaling
• Social Rest: Balance time alone & time with others

How much of each do you allow yourself? On which level do you think you could do better?

I love bunnymichael on instagram lmao
I'd also like to see your answers

Massive fuckturd of transphobia, homophobia, bigotry out the yinyang but it's need-to-know shit the nazis are up to on kiwi farms and 4chan re: the super straights calamity they're calling a psyop 

It's literally the ss symbol. This kind of headass nonsense is only remotely possible because libs and centrists take everything at face value. My stomach is a trainwreck and I I need to lie down but ffs this shit's been going on for over a week. Why??? 😩
Anyway, share or whatever to get the word out about these clowns

Nyotaimuri, now with 8000% more 'murca 

This is too good not to share on here 😂

Descrip: "This incense is totally gonna solve all my problems"
In my defense, when I burn camphor, my roommates stop fighting.

Fuck google, too 

Literally wtf does any of this mean?
What is "Standard Support", and why should anyone pay to "upgrade" it? As a customer this is hella shady. Also, free screen recording apps and extensions make the ability to record meetings moot. Please don't ever pay for that.
"Enterprise" is so expensive they can't even put the price on screen. There's nothing less appealing than the idea of having to call to find out a price. Fuck all the way off with this shit

My bad 

It's $6/month, not $5. In a few months it might be $7. Google is a monolith, they can do whatever tf they want

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This is why you need a p.o. box. When you file for an LLC you need an address in the state you're filing in, and you must publish it in a local paper. Lots of people rent p.o. boxes in Albany because it's the cheapest, and still technically in NY State. It's $90-ish per year.

Sounds manageable, but drops in a bucket add up. Web domain, email marketing, annual fees for a registered agent (non-negotiable) plus all the taxes/fees for applications, and then once you get all this shit handled, you need to pay taxes quarterly, which means more accountant fees. NY requires newly formed LLCs to publish a notice of formation in local newspapers, which can potentially cost around $1,500 or more.

I need limited liability insurance because I sell herbal teas. This could open me up for a lawsuit if someone gets sick, even if it isn't my tea that caused it. That costs between $350 to $1,000 per year.

Drops in a bucket.

This is an intentional bar to entry, by the way, just so we're clear.

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