Lol violence/fire 

Follow-up meme which arguably isn't as amusing:

Cartoon Nightman throwing a maltov cocktail at the poorly shopped cartoon Siddhu as he says, "I also have a GoFundMe page so you can help pay for my pilgrimage to Nepal where I..."

Not shown: **BOOM!**

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There's a lot of memes I haven't uploaded onto here, but I'm gonna pace myself.

Cartoon Nightman comes across a poorly shopped cartoon Siddhu.
Nightman: "Holy crap, it's an enlightened guru!"
Nightman: [Flipping out] "Swami, please help me! WTF is going on, why is everyone I know falling for online cults and con artists??"
Swami, wall-eyed: "Peace, bro. I'd love to give you a reading. My rates are $55/hr plus tip. I have cash app, Venmo, and square so credit cards are ok"
Nightman, aiming a gun: "Huh, I guess I'm no better."

Not everyone sleeps poorly during a full moon, but I sure asf do 😩

Also made this, and asked ppl to talk about a time in their life when ableism held them back but nobody responded with a story. Please feel free to do so here, I really want to know!
Tw: mention of the eventuality of d**th

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Whoa, one of my posts actually blew up. Nice. I got another disability pride month meme but it isn't as good
I'm 3 days post-op and cannot meme

Institutionalized ableist violence in comics 

Black Manta is autistic like me. πŸ€©πŸ™

Have a completely unrelated meme that I make on occasion πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Here's the post that person was commenting on. Yes, Jubilee from the X-Men has dyscalculia, and so do I. Yes it's a real disability. In primary school, the US has two metrics for intelligence: reading and math. I could read at a college level since I was 5 but failed the most basic of arithmetic. People thought I was developmentally challenged. They put me in all the special ed classes where kids 3x my size would set my desk on fire. Nobody even know or cared about learning disabilities back then. They just wrote you off as a special ed kid and let you fall through the cracks. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

So before you come up on here to tell me Dyscalculia isn't a 'real' disability, consider this: fuck off.

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Anyway, it's mother fucking disability pride month, which I just found out about yesterday. 😾

Guess who can't post shit on any of their pages until they give up their number to a site that literally makes it's money through selling private data and sharing it with cops?

I guess I'm on here full time then. Fuck zucc forever. πŸ–•

Intellectualism isn't a bad thing on its own but it shouldn't come at the expense of your emotions and intuition. I said what I said!!! 🀬 

The denigration of the "right brain", as irrational and unreliable is a transparent demonization of the feminine energies within yourself. (Ida, your entire left side) Suppression of any part of yourself results in sickness. Western culture is nothing but sickness.
I been real mad about this bullshit for a real long time. I may be a dropout but I can always tell when some mofuckas are lying to me. Both skillsets are needed, both should be prized. Do not hold your spiritual side in contempt. This is part of what makes our culture toxic.

Been making some reaction pics to leave in the comments of other people's donko ass posts. Feel free to steal these

It's corny and old but idgaf lmao
Pride month is both awesome and awful. I hate seeing rainbow merchandise everywhere. Maybe stop killing, firing, and evicting us instead?

Anyway, today has been sheer hell. I had a 7 hour long anxiety attack! I didn't even know they human body could do that
Lol Today can eat my dick, I'm done

Why the FUCK am I seeing people get away with this shit, CALL IT OUT

Evil thoughts detected πŸ‘€
Dog whistles give me hives πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ

This was the last thing I posted, along with mentioning I was going into surgery but now failbook won't let me post anymore so all my followers gonna think I died 😬

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