Guess who can't post shit on any of their pages until they give up their number to a site that literally makes it's money through selling private data and sharing it with cops?

I guess I'm on here full time then. Fuck zucc forever. 🖕

Here's the post that person was commenting on. Yes, Jubilee from the X-Men has dyscalculia, and so do I. Yes it's a real disability. In primary school, the US has two metrics for intelligence: reading and math. I could read at a college level since I was 5 but failed the most basic of arithmetic. People thought I was developmentally challenged. They put me in all the special ed classes where kids 3x my size would set my desk on fire. Nobody even know or cared about learning disabilities back then. They just wrote you off as a special ed kid and let you fall through the cracks. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So before you come up on here to tell me Dyscalculia isn't a 'real' disability, consider this: fuck off.

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