Spirituality vs Leftism 

While meditating:

My ego: "Maybe the vaccine is at fault for the neurotic episode?"
Me: 😳
My guides: "As long as you're in that 'woe is me' victim mentality, you're not ready to own it and integrate the lesson. This is how karma is formed."
Me: 😭 kk👍🏻

Me: "Does the lesson have anything to do with MahaKali destroying all my attachments?"
My guides: "LOL no. Once you step away from fear-based energy, anything built from fear crumbles on it's own."
Me: 😰 "Wait, that's..."
My guides: "Is your leftism rooted in love of your fellow worker, or fear of being steamrolled by capitalism?"
Me: ".....Both??"
My guides: "We'll find out soon enough!"
Me: 😰😰

Later, my guides: "Why are you mourning the loss of fear from your energy field? Please know that isn't something you should want to keep around. It's attracting all the vibrations and experiences you say you don't want."
Me: I know, but what if, when the fear goes away, I no longer have any desire to fight the system?"


Spirituality vs Leftism 

My guides: "Fighting the system in the ways you've been doesn't seem to be helping. Maybe once you see the system without the lens of fear, you'll better understand it's vulnerabilities. Maybe fighting creates resistance, and you know full well what you resist persists."

Me: 😱 "Holy shit, that's the psyop!! Our resistance makes it stronger!!!!"

My guides: ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Spirituality vs Leftism 

Me, later: "So that means we should just let the system win?"
My guides: "That's not what's being said."
Me: "Listen. I'm very not smart, so you're gonna have to explain it to me like I'm 4."
My guides:🤦
Me: 🤡
My guides: "Demons, like people, are not seperate from the spark of divine consciousness, though they perceive themselves to be."
Me: ??¿ Ok
My guides: 😒 "Nvm, go play video games."

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