I just lost my bff. 😒 

Today I'm allowing myself to be heartbroken and angry, so bear with me as it may cause me to be hypersensitive and angry. Someone I called my best friend, whom I was planning a whole ass future with, showed me a side to them last night I hadn't seen before. Trampled all over my boundaries, tried to make me decide between respecting them or myself, and then openly mocked me with something I'd just got finished telling them was a personal trigger, more than once.

Sorry, but they will never win that ultimatum. I excommunicated my best friend from high school and health proxy for much less. I'm allowing myself to fully sit with this pain so it doesn't end up being swallowed down to turn septic.

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I just lost my bff. 😒 

@Nightmancore can't imagine the heartache you're going through. glad that you felt strong enough to stand up for yourself. may healing and better people be in your future πŸ’œ

I just lost my bff. 😒 

@lemememeringue Thank you so much. Tbh I'm reviewing over the clues I had earlier on- there are always clues- and wondering why I didn't take them more seriously. I'm more upset with myself. 😩

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