NY drama update:

Today, the CARES Act pandemic unemployment payments ran out. Nobody can get through to file their last week of benefits over the phone, the site has been down for days. People are fuming. Thousands of claims are still in limbo from the middle of last year. Tons of other people received benefits they weren't eligible for through no fault of their own but are now required to pay it back (we're talking thousands of dollars) or go to jail. It's a mess. The Dept of Labor knew their system was antiquated for years; nothing was said or done about it, and people are quite literally dying. We have almost a million people on the streets, in hotels, or in shelters right now. It's going to be below freezing tonight.

To add insult to injury, even though taxes have been carved out of our weekly payments this entire time, many residents are finding that they still owe large amounts of taxes to the state for receiving those payments.

Burn down the American plantation.


Tw for my pitta temper 

Among all this, our fuckass governor finally got outed as the sexual predator that he is, frickin Andrew Yang is running for mayor, and almost everyone I know is still ordering stuff from Amazon even though their workers are on strike. If you do this, you're a class traitor! Fuck your entire family lineage!!
I've been sick as a dog all day and have not a single fuck to give about anything.

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