Fuck google, too 

Literally wtf does any of this mean?
What is "Standard Support", and why should anyone pay to "upgrade" it? As a customer this is hella shady. Also, free screen recording apps and extensions make the ability to record meetings moot. Please don't ever pay for that.
"Enterprise" is so expensive they can't even put the price on screen. There's nothing less appealing than the idea of having to call to find out a price. Fuck all the way off with this shit

Fuck google, too 

You know this is just an attempt to make their rich clients feel special. But you can't do that without making yourself look elitist and grody. If they want to incentivize that upgrade, they'll make their "Standard Support" near useless, which means it isn't worth paying for at all. I have absolutely no time for that horse shit.

When you call Vanguard bank, first thing you'll notice is that there is no "press 1 for english" option. There are no other options- this is to appeal to the racist whites who think "American" is a language. Also one of the first things the recording asks is for you to press a certain number depending on how much you have invested in them. That's clearly elitist, meant to get the richer clients better service and make the poors wait longer on hold. Same energy, and I have to be more discriminatory with my money. Fuck google, but also, fuck Vanguard.

I'mma just pay WordPress $18/yr + $8/m for my custom domain which is $114 per year. 🤷🏻



Heidi came through, I take back what I said about her, she decided my free gmail (plus a protonmail account, ffs) was enough. So now I can email people. Hella!

Bluehost is what my nonprofit job uses, it's $5.95 per month for 36 months. That's $214 but divided by 3 years, that's only $71 per year, as opposed to the $114 that WordPress wants.
Bluehost comes with a business email included plus unlimited data and websites, customer support, free CDN and SSL certificate. The domain is only free for 1 out of the 3 years, which is weird. I may end up paying WordPress for the additional 2 years because $8 isn't a bad price.
There are other factors to consider tho; when you buy a domain, the details of your domain registration must by law be published to the public WHOIS and RDAP directories. The registrars you pay to host your site should give you access to edit the details as needed, but a lot of them charge an "admission fee" which is gross. I gotta make sure they don't do that.

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