It's impossible to run a business for free under Capitalism. I'm tired. 

So....convert kit is NOT actually free, they dropped this turd on me after working on their bullshit no-mobile-site-having-ass landing page all frickin day


This is why you need a p.o. box. When you file for an LLC you need an address in the state you're filing in, and you must publish it in a local paper. Lots of people rent p.o. boxes in Albany because it's the cheapest, and still technically in NY State. It's $90-ish per year.

Sounds manageable, but drops in a bucket add up. Web domain, email marketing, annual fees for a registered agent (non-negotiable) plus all the taxes/fees for applications, and then once you get all this shit handled, you need to pay taxes quarterly, which means more accountant fees. NY requires newly formed LLCs to publish a notice of formation in local newspapers, which can potentially cost around $1,500 or more.

I need limited liability insurance because I sell herbal teas. This could open me up for a lawsuit if someone gets sick, even if it isn't my tea that caused it. That costs between $350 to $1,000 per year.

Drops in a bucket.

This is an intentional bar to entry, by the way, just so we're clear.


The four words that will cause me to navigate away from your page the quickest 

"Start Your Free Trial!"

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My bad 

It's $6/month, not $5. In a few months it might be $7. Google is a monolith, they can do whatever tf they want

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