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Who is the biggest cartoon villain?

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misinfo, pronoun joke 

neopronouns are referred to as such because they were first discovered by neo, the protagonist of the wachowski sisters’ classic movie, the matrix (1999)

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NEW VIDEO: Si J’etais Un Homme by Chilla | English Cover

this song hit me really hard when I first heard it. so I thought I’d put my own spin on the theme and do an English version with reworked lyrics

have a gander and a share and a comment on the vid if you so fancy ^^

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did you know: you don't need to be a level 4 antifa super solider to attend public demonstrations in your area.

in fact, showing up to voice your support as a non-descript average white person is useful. cops may look at POC & black bloc kids and see potential targets. but when they look at average white people, they see potential lawsuits. put that shit to work.

if you have never attended a demonstration please consider the value your voice and presence can contribute now (if you're able).

So what were the video games of everyone's childhood? Mine were Sports Car GT, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer and Alien Nations. Interestingly all from 1999, though I played them a few years later of course

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Apparently there's some passive-aggressive drama/silently mass blocking each other going on on the birdsite and I have no idea what it's about and I'm SO TIRED of it

That time I sang "Sweet dreams are made of this" and pointed at my partner and they had the AUDACITY to continue with "Who'd have a mind to disagree" and point at themselves

Hello everyone! Trying to flee Twitter again after two years. Let's see if it works this time :D

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