@tom79@mastodon.social i use it all the time (yes, intentionally). option?

@bou @Gargron i hope they have the correct interpretation, yes. :)

@Mastodon a fantastic plan, and i’m really glad to see it. this was a necessity at some point.

venting in very unfair ways 

venting in very unfair ways 

i know this is such an obvious statement it borders on the tautological, but: fuck, dude. being terminally ill *sucks.* >_<

@tom79@mastodon.social none of the above, hopefully. i’d prefer it just get to stay on GPlay rather than remove access to libre services or degrade their experiences on the only mobile platform between the two major ones that is even a little open.

i would pay for the app if necessary, though.

finished a ranked list of my favorite Pokémon of all time. :blobcat: only final evolutions, no form differences, only my favorite-favorites (there are a lot of Pokémon i love not listed here, but this is the “choose any six of these at random and it’s a fantastic team for me” list). i didn't realize that “no form differences” would also exclude Alolan forms from showing up, which bums me out a bit, but making this already took too much time and i can’t fix that without starting over again. just pretend Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Muk are present and very high up.

@clerical the only job i’m actually qualified for: being paid to be motionless all day and be wrong

@linfaelis you’re a traitor, Lin. a filthy traitor without virtue. >:(

@BurungHantu i love KeePass and used it for years, but i switched to Bitwarden last year and it's just *so* much more convenient not having to manage the database file yourself and for much better autofill. that's easily worth $10/year to me for Premium to support the devs.

mentally-breaking-down-alone-at-2AM Lyft rides exist in a liminal pocket of space-time where everything is simultaneously too long and not long enough; you won’t be able to return to feeling okay until you’ve returned home and fallen asleep, but you need the ride to last an infinite amount of time because you’re not ready to stop staring out of the window and dissociating as you think about the inevitability of your own demise

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