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@babbage annnd the other admin just confirmed @ida is taking over and keeping it up :)

false alarm! @ida is taking over as deadinsi.de's admin. we're all good, folks

@babbage no notice—technically not even confirmed. people saw Aurelia saying it was her plan before she deleted her account, and it has been radio silence since.

@cute @shinesprites agreed; it’s incredibly hard to find a replacement instance because deadinsi.de was just so good and perfect for my needs, heh.

@KatSuricata i recall seeing a toot from aurelia that there's insufficient funding to host deadinsi.de's servers and that she was gonna let the lease expire, as it were

i'm the only active server staff right now. it's kind of scary, honestly

@shinesprites :/ that’s quite unfortunate, and i wish it was a lot better-communicated than it has been, but alas. i will miss deadinsi.de.

@Tusky i do not know what friend circles you hang in where you spontaneously talk about your niggling issues with free and open source software all day as a form of small talk but i really really want to be a part of them

this feels like the sort of thing a billion-dollar company wouldn’t want publicly representing their level of quality

Cheer up, Ozymandias. Why don't you turn that sneer of cold command upside down sweetie

for all that WordPress is almost the single most successful project the internet has ever seen, Automattic has never done hosting sites (not services) themselves very well. i cannot remember the last time i have seen a single person use or care about WordPress-dot-com.

i am not very enthusiastic about their ability to understand the things that made Tumblr good and reinforce them after years of atrophy, but nor am i very apprehensive about it. it’s a solid We’ll See. :imp_think:

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i keep trying to get into Pillowfort, but it keeps failing to connect with me for some reason. it doesn’t have the community feel that Tumblr did—Mastodon is the replacement there—but it doesn’t have enough non-art posts to have much of its own original feel. i haven’t found a use for it for anything but casually browsing fanart, since :mastodon:’s federation makes discovering that on here harder than it needs to be.

maybe Automattic will unfuck Tumblr so i can just use that again, who knows

i'm an INTF 

i have never been as enthusiastic for anything as this human being is about their credit card provider’s app

Imagine a world where we could have a decent conversation about violence, glorification of imperialism, normalization of far right shit, and other issues with games in general without someone screaming about how they played Doom and didn't shoot up a school, as if direct and immediate causation is the only way something can impact anyone

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I fucking hate gamers and their absolute refusal to think about games as anything beyond a personal experience.

They're so permanently scarred by their mom telling them they spend too much time killing people in games when they were 14 that any suggestion that games have any impact of any kind on the world at large sends them into a blind rage.

I hate gamers. I wish I didn't like games so much so I didn't have to spend time with these shits.

@whom the ideas in the video were poorly-expressed, to the point of the vid losing cohesion, but i find it Extremely Telling that the reaction to a video ultimately saying “maybe introspect about anything?” is so overwhelmingly negative that most of the comments/Twitter responses are people gleefully telling him how he's permanently ended his career by being unredeemable human garbage. the reaction is more akin to him being found guilty of assault than… not wording a video well.

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