i'm an INTF 

i have never been as enthusiastic for anything as this human being is about their credit card provider’s app

Imagine a world where we could have a decent conversation about violence, glorification of imperialism, normalization of far right shit, and other issues with games in general without someone screaming about how they played Doom and didn't shoot up a school, as if direct and immediate causation is the only way something can impact anyone

I fucking hate gamers and their absolute refusal to think about games as anything beyond a personal experience.

They're so permanently scarred by their mom telling them they spend too much time killing people in games when they were 14 that any suggestion that games have any impact of any kind on the world at large sends them into a blind rage.

I hate gamers. I wish I didn't like games so much so I didn't have to spend time with these shits.

@whom the ideas in the video were poorly-expressed, to the point of the vid losing cohesion, but i find it Extremely Telling that the reaction to a video ultimately saying “maybe introspect about anything?” is so overwhelmingly negative that most of the comments/Twitter responses are people gleefully telling him how he's permanently ended his career by being unredeemable human garbage. the reaction is more akin to him being found guilty of assault than… not wording a video well.

welp. here’s basically the last nail in the coffin for me getting the only surgery that could save my life, driven entirely by American healthcare’s profit motive.

i feel… about as un-okay as i possibly could. but very little surprise.

@aurelia a real reply i received during an argument with a generally pretty intelligent and leftist dude… who is trying to get into tech

there is nothing holding the left back more nowadays than the intolerable purity culture we have going on, where you have either never done anything wrong your entire life and every single second of every piece of content you put out from the second of your birth to the heat death of the fucking universe is perfect ambrosia wholly without sin or flaw *or* you are an evil traitor demon who spouts libel against the proletariat and who never deserves to log onto the internet again

i would honestly be able to tolerate ContraPoints discourse so much more if it wasn’t *always* just an endless loop of

“wow, a super intelligent trans woman who is absolutely killing it in terms of success lately, helping to spread leftist ideas to huge audiences we usually struggle to reach in intelligent, shareable, digestible ways!

but here’s this one research error (in a 40-minute video, from a one-woman team) or a one-off joke that wasn’t conceptualised perfectly, cancelled”

@kasia@godforsaken.website “as a…” is an overused-to-the-point-of-cliche preface to political opinions centering around a demographic you’re a part of (useful though it can be, occasionally). mocking that is the joke. she, Natalie, a fellow trans woman who constantly makes content about and for trans people, is not inexplicably writing in random and nonsensically lowkey transphobia for three second jokes. it’s just a bit of self-deprecation.

@whom it isn’t the only instance of them being different i’ve found, though it is obv rare and most are very indie/small bands; that was just the most egregious example

i use Google Play Music for streaming right now, but because it’s being deprecated Eventually™, i thought i’d try out YouTube Music Premium (its future replacement) since access to one gives you access to the other

i just have to ask: how the ever-living hell can the music selection be inconsistent between two services owned by the SAME PEOPLE

@aurelia i love her and i think she’s now primarily just falling prey to the pathetically predictable trend of “leftist figure gets big, isn’t Literally Flawless In Every Way, gets hashtag-cancelled by dipsticks who have never heard the word nuance in their life

@whom if you only want to see English toots, there’s a setting for that :blobcatheart:

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