i have never been as enthusiastic for anything as this human being is about their credit card provider’s app

welp. here’s basically the last nail in the coffin for me getting the only surgery that could save my life, driven entirely by American healthcare’s profit motive.

i feel… about as un-okay as i possibly could. but very little surprise.

i use Google Play Music for streaming right now, but because it’s being deprecated Eventually™, i thought i’d try out YouTube Music Premium (its future replacement) since access to one gives you access to the other

i just have to ask: how the ever-living hell can the music selection be inconsistent between two services owned by the SAME PEOPLE

finished a ranked list of my favorite Pokémon of all time. :blobcat: only final evolutions, no form differences, only my favorite-favorites (there are a lot of Pokémon i love not listed here, but this is the “choose any six of these at random and it’s a fantastic team for me” list). i didn't realize that “no form differences” would also exclude Alolan forms from showing up, which bums me out a bit, but making this already took too much time and i can’t fix that without starting over again. just pretend Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Muk are present and very high up.

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