why does drinking one (1) coffee make me need to pee every 30 minutes for the rest of the day

power rangers 

oh in the image above the yeti is saying “now i’m going to have to keep you on ice!”

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power rangers 

the power rangers are now trapped inside Kimberly’s favourite childhood book, and they are up to the part with the “really ugly” (- kimberly) snow monster

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image of rat suits, power rangers 

the power rangers have gone back in time and are being attacked by rat furries, a man locked in wooden headcuff thingy begs them to feed the rat boy cheese

wasp, anxiety 

so i found an unexplained wasp wandering around my bedroom floor, and now i can’t find it, but also i remember a story my friend told me involving a wasp hive in her house and she talked about these weird droning noises, which in retrospect sound a lot like noises i heard for like a week a little while back.

on top of that apparently my housemate mentioned wasps in the roof being a thing in the past to my ex 😭

anyway i am spooked. i told my housemates at least 😖

im watching the musketeers again and i went back to an episode im halfway thru and wow this show is even more dramatic than i remember!

i had no idea what was happening, but it was *happening*


oh god i accidentally super liked someone because the button looked different so i was like must press and it was a match ughhhhh i don’t know whether to tell them it was an accident or just hope they ignore me

i cuddled with a cute girl today, it was very good 💜

lewd, body fluid 

thinking about how male spiders are basically just a pizza covered in sperm that lady spiders simply rub on their junk and then consume

movie, emperors new groove 

was watching the emperors new groove and omg that bit when llama boi is like “i can find my own way home” the bigge guy is like “nuuu i must go save him”

just let the emperor die bruh, fuck him

Steven Universe started off really annoying, then after a bit i was like okay this is really funny and cute and by the end of season one i’m just OMG this show is cbfjucurhduei so good


australian politics, local elections, vote suppression 

so now i’m at risk of a fine for not voting, but i guess the other side is that this is blatant voter suppression.

those who are affected by this will overwhelmingly be low socioeconomic folks who have to move regularly, while boomers who live in the house they bought in the 80s will likely have far less problems - their ballots could still be lost mind.

i don’t believe in representative democracy, but this is still pretty bullshit.

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australian politics, local elections, vote suppression 

so in victoria for the local council elections it was 100% postal votes. the ballots were sent out last week, and must be posted tomorrow - no idea how that can possibly be tracked but nevertheless, the cut off date for updating your address was 2 months ago. so because i did it slightly less than that, EVEN though they had changed my address weeks ago they still sent the letter to my old address so i absolutely can’t vote despite calling up.

tinder vent 

i just broke my brain trying to get tinder’s “people who like you” aka potential matches number to go down.

i spent 2 hours rejecting like 200 profiles and liking maybe a couple dozen and i think maybe 2 were someone who had already liked me? one i matched with and will probably never talk to, and the other i rejected and the number went down.

i don’t know what is happening but i just want to talk to the people who want to be frens and i’m not giving tinder money

Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

i really liked this movie :3

i think the story of robin hood and his merry men conquering the prince and returning stolen rent to the peasants is a really badass one, and i like robin hood as a fox since foxes are good thieves :3

i found it a bit hard to follow at times because of the narrative structure but i very much enjoyed the rooster bard’s exposition


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lewd, sarcasm, thoughts on disneys robin hood 

this movie has lots of anarchist themes despite at its heart being liberal garbage about how you just need the right people in charge of ur hierarchy

“tread on me daddy lionheart UwU” and such

robin hood himself can clearly be seen as an anarchist through his disregard for the law in favour of the people, and his desire for a lack of power IMO

I like to think of him and his merry men as insurrectionists :3

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