poem (-) 

harsh words, hot tears
a hateful face
of shame and fear


muff ya girl in a salvos changeroom

just saw a gorl end a mosquito’s life like it was nothing 😱

i’m out here redefining the meaning of unproductive

i’m disrupting the market of procrastination

i’m a leader in sleeponomics


my heart just wants to love everyone

my brain just wants to tell me why they definitely hate me

song lyrics, Ali Barter - girlie bits 

she wrote in response to what working in the industry has been like for her

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song lyrics, Ali Barter - girlie bits 

really love this song!

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song lyrics, Ali Barter - girlie bits 

Give us a smile baby, act like a real lady
Call off those battle lines, flash us your panty lines


Give us a smile princess, it's better for business
None of this angriness, show us your girly bits

lewd, music 

“Now I'm a boss, I write my own name on the cheques
Pussy so good, I say my own name during sex”

fucking love cardi b

movies, Imagine Me & You (2005) 

Imagine Me & You

A lesbian romcom about Rachel (Piper Perabo) whomsts at her own wedding meets the florist, Luce (Lena Hedley😍) whomsteth she immediately becomes best friends with but rapidly catches feelings for, and questions her marriage.

I didn’t think this movie was going to be nearly as good as it was but on top of being quite funny, Lena Hedley and Piper Perabo were both extremely pretty and extremely good and had me hooked very early. The other characters weren’t as great (except the little girl !!) but they are entertaining.

I had some minor issues with the film, mostly with pacing, and with the husbando (Matthew Goode) who didn’t make much sense to me but it really didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the film.

I cried a reasonable amount and laughed a bunch as well, which is everything i want from a movie like this so i’m pretty happy, and I really hope I can find more like it!

Definitely recommend.


also 200 words from the prompt “Our lives being actually more precarious than they used to be”

We've reached 2020, the year predestined for robot cafe workers and flying cars and the utopian hope of the 70s. Instead we find ourselves amidst another global crisis, accelerated and fueled by the insatiable growth of capital, and the holy grail of profit.

Oh how hopeful the past looks now. In spite of devestating global war, mass genocide and the threat of nuclear devestation I think we still felt in control of our destiny. If we were to destroy the planet, we could only blame ourselves. But now we know the damage to the climate cannot be undone, we see global economic collapse repeating itself, and presently a single virus has brought the entire world to a terrifying and sudden halt.

So we grieve, every day mourning the decisions of the ruling class, praying for their timely and gruesome end. Asking ourselves who is to blame, and who killed the utopian world of our parents imagination.

Your effervescent words
fracture lonely silence

an exercise in trying to write a 6 word short fiction. i’m feel like a dork haha

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