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Today’s post was going to be about the destiny raid logo fan art I created for my partners lgbtq+ destiny 2 group on xbox and it’s availibility through red bubble, however not even an hour after uploading it the piece was taken down by blizzard and activision, ironic considering bungie just escaped their grasp. I can’t foght the claim I won’t give blizzard my personal info just to wait to find out if they want to take the time to sue me so it’s just gone, I’ll keep posting the image on all my art blogs but it will not be for sale.

I’ve been doing a lot of pokemon themed art stuff lately here’s a fun little magnechu poke fusion with a little Frankenstein’s monster twist done with the supplies from June’s scrawlr Box

Talking bout trauma v casually and not in detail 

-Shouting into the void- I’m 29 years old and I’m still fully traumatised by the bullying I endured in school and it effects me daily.

I watched a nature doc on Netflix and now I’m crying my eyes out over Walruses

I realised I haven’t posted a photo of me on here yet, and normally I keep it separate from my art stuff but this is my only Masto account so here we gooooo

Ohhh no I’ve done so much art and I’ve posted none of it here >.< better fix that

I’ve been so sick and so depressed at the same time but my friends, partner and piggies have been there for me and it has been soo lovely 💕

Pride unicorns 🦄🌈

Reposting cause my foolish self accidentally deleted it :0

Well since I’m here again, these designs are up on my redbubble as shirts, stickers, mugs, phone cases, etc.
Redbubble: Cult-Of-Abaddon

That moment when you hit the wrong button and you delete your post 😢 this is just gross incompetence on my part

Hello! I’m new! I don’t know what I’m doing! My name is Ghoulie and I make art and stuff! I’m 28, and ginormous lesbian and I’m afraid of almost all human interaction.

Serenity Laboratories

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