@chriswere I've actually heard the "fonts made for dyslexic people" is mostly psuedo-science, I do enjoy the meme status of Comic * fonts however - I recall a presentation when an OpenBSD dev claimed to have weaponized it! openbsd.org/papers/bsdcan14-li


I've been looking up new words and their roots, I wanted to find the root for volapukajxo, meaning "nonsense" or "gibberish" and I couldn't find it, All I found was "Volapük" so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Turns out it was another conlang from the same era.


It would be like if Linux had an error message saying "Kernel BSDed".

RIGHT! It’s beta, but we have a Matrix bridge up for @liberachat@twitter.com: you can connect to #foo:libera.chat where #foo is the channel. Huge thanks to the team for letting us expose the network on Matrix! We are also working through fixing the bridge bug backlog :)

I should get KDE merch. Maybe libera.chat merch (if such a thing exists). Maybe also BSD and Linux merch.

I should get a lot of computer merch

@ChrisWere I see you do like FxOS based on your retoot, but what's your feeling on KaiOS?

@shonalika's video has helped me get far more people interested in Mastodon than my own, far-too-tech-focused explanation ever could. It's not new, so y'all probably already know it, but those that don't should add it to their recruiting toolbox because it's amazing! :ms_blue_heart:

Basically what I'm saying is that I will never not be bitter over the death of Firefox OS

@bcallah I think my friend has a sparc64 system. Shot them a message.


@emacsen that's a great idea I'm sure the community would appreciate that.


@emacsen wow that is a great song, thanks for sharing :)
Translating stuff would definitely be a great exercise, might have to merge that with my current interest of Gemini 🤔

nothing is funnier too me than "i have never been an art fan in my life"


@emacsen hmm I’ll have to consider an Anki deck.


@emacsen yes the spelling was definitely a problem, however I did find Esperanto’s regular spelling to be much easier to grasp than my native tongue (English). What tools are you using to learn atm?


@emacsen I was using duolingo (proprietary, sorry) and it really focused on showing and not telling. Very heavy on the vocab, not so much grammar on the stages I was at.


@emacsen I was studying it months ago, I should pick it back up - nice learn a skill, really helps the depression

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