nothing is funnier too me than "i have never been an art fan in my life"

:brain1: every site should use TLS
:brain2: if it's static content, you don't need TLS
:brain3: every site should use TLS, and most should use self-signed certs


When people ask you if you prefer Emacs or Vi and you answer Nano, this is like asking what your favorite spoken language is and answering Esperanto.

> the difference between mathematicians and computer scientists is that mathematicians love math and computer scientists hate computers


cat? pat it :patcat:
dragon? pat it :dragnpats:
blob? pat it :blobpats:
lizer? pat it :lizardpats:
kobold? pat it :koboldpats:
cheese? fuck it pat that too :cheesepats:
a train? yeah what the heck :trainpats:

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Teamsters absolutely do not give the slightest shit and I for one love them for it

imagine if people had the same over-reactive response to history podcasts as they did politics ones. like people making 30000 word threads on how dan carlin is hitler 2

breaking a beer bottle on the bar when someon e tries to start a fight and accidentally cutting my hand. everybodys worried for me. they call an ambulance. the person who was starting shit rides along w me to the hospital. we fall in love. i divorce them. i win. dont fuck with me

When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

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