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Totally forgot about Masto.

Here's a thread of my recent spaintings (space paintings)

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Introduction post; includes mental illness and a selfie 

So I guess for posterity, I should introduce myself.

I am called Cos. I was born may days ago. I draw things sometimes, and write things other times; I also have a couple of severe mental illnesses which prevent me doing those things.

UK. Cis. He/Him. In a wonderful relationship. Unemployed (I am very ill).

My entire support base is still on the birdsite; I won't be here a lot. But still.


And something I've not done in a long time now, but has always been a bit of an obsession... Particle trails!
Normally I do these with a blue background but had requests for green and grey

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Words of wisdom from my friend yesterday XD

"I think the words "An extraordinary man/woman who lived an extraordinary life" regarding any dead royal should just be replaced with "person who came out of the special vagina lived a life in which everything was handed to them and got the best medical care on the planet, securing a long and peaceful life"."

And as the world comes to an end
I'll be there to hold your hand

- Of Monsters And Men: King And Lionheart

not particularly happy with this but i did do some drawing which is more than i've done in a while

it's been a week since vaccination and i have yet to get superfast 5G mobile broadband

for me, a self harmer, to be disconnected from my entire social group for "encouraging self harm" by using a Very common idiom, it smarts

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you know the phrase "knock yourself out"? like "can I have a biscuit?" "of course, knock yourself out"

well for using said phrase i've been suspended on the bird site for "encouraging self harm"

body issues 

I ordered some new jeans in a larger size to accommodate my shameful lockdown figure, and they're slightly too big! i could cry

And yes, i can't wait to get my second dose, and I would 1000% recommend vaccination over covid

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Feeling slightly better today. The woman at the vaccine centre did say younger folks are likely to feel the side effects of the vaccine more, and she was not kidding

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don't wanna put anyone off the vaccine - i'd rather feel like this than get covid - but damn if i ain't feeling like i fell down a flight of concrete stairs today

ordered a kentucky to celebrate because what's life without a bit of original recipe chicken

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guess who's got two thumbs and just got their first vaccine shot?

*puts thumbs up, counts them, nods* this guy!

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