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Totally forgot about Masto.

Here's a thread of my recent spaintings (space paintings)

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Introduction post; includes mental illness and a selfie Show more

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can't believe developers are pandering to the SJWs yet again. i mean look at this, half the characters are black! and the woman is the strongest character in the game! my immersion is totally ruined, god.

The Kudryavtseva Galaxy is a small barred spiral galaxy, and the farthest known object from Earth at an equivalent distance of 42billion light years away

Until first contact with the elskerr and the use of transgalactic gateways, such an observable distance was deemed impossible.

The galaxy is named for Dr. Emma Kudryavtseva, the human head of the groundbreaking first inter-species astrophysics team without whose research the long range scanners responsible for discovering such galaxies couldn't have been made

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Please admire my photography website which is full of mostly pretty pictures ty

I recorded myself painting this, if you're into that sort of thing

4x speed:

Full length tutorial:

or here it is in less than a minute

Known to humans as the Bad Apple Nebula, the elskerr named this cloud "The Eye of Mazkess" after an ancient northern sun god

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We bury the sailors who die in their beds in the graveyard by the sea.
"So they can hear the sea," we tell ourselves.
And every year, in the winter storms, the sea eats more of the land, and claims a few more graves, of long-dead sailors whose calls the sea still hear.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Privacy is an upper class luxury. You need to have both technical knowledge and a bunch of resources in order to afford it. You can go and shout about privacy all you want and the evils of surveillance capitalism but this won't matter a bit so long wage slavery and capitalism itself is a thing.

Go ahead and be 'private' in your luxury home, with your personal home server and mobile phone that costs more than a months wage in countries that capitalism have wrecked.

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Quick sketch I made a few days ago based on rando photos I took.

The Allfather Nebula was so named for the resemblance of the cloud to a one-eyed skull; to the elskerr, who originated on Kellm in the Patk system, it's known as Froch (home). There are many settled systems in this cluster, and all of them are elskerr owned.

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17 hours later (or so it feels), I've done the rows that fall between my thumb and finger. #MastoArt

Bleached my hair today, so naturally John was seared into my mine

John Constantine: The Mage

(digital oil painting)

Here are some photos of my crow friend. We sit in the park and they purr at me, and I purr back, and we've both learned a lot from these exchanges

Before the official foundation of the Terran Conglomerate - an organisation uniting all nations on Earth into a unified parliament (specifically regarding colonial rights in space exploration) - Xiwang (希望) represented a major success for Chinese planetary colonisation

While the planet it orbits, Euphrates,
has a toxic atmosphere, moon Tigris has a nitrogen/oxygen rich environment, and has been a thriving colony for over 20 years.

This is the Paron Canyon in northern Menula, a beauty spot known for its breathtaking views of Euphrates at night

Bejan's Hand is a planetary nebula surrounding the red giant Bejan 1-18j. It is in one of the most remote sectors of the mapped galaxy, and was so named after initial explorers described it as "hands, reaching out to grab the star"

The Somnolescent Cataclysm is so named after more than 14 ships went missing around this otherwise unremarkable area of space.

Manned missions got lost, and it was only when unmanned recon probes were deployed did they find that the nebula produced a soporific effect which put human - and other - crew members to sleep. Causes are still as yet unknown, as is the total number of deaths and disappearances resulting from this nebula

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