Evangelion Re-Take made me believe Asuka is best girl.

Evangelion is about bad boys trying to turn everyone into Orange Fanta and a scared little lonely pissy boy saying ‘nuh uh’ while jacking off to his own sadness.

Hey uh, when does Eva plan to make Asuka likeable? I’m on Episode 17 and all she’s been is an asshole.

My friend showed me this and said “Every scene with Shinji and Asuka”

I wish the other schools I applied to would respond

I finished O Maidens in your Savage Season and have now started Bloom Into You, which I really like

So, quick question, what is the directing in this show. There’s such a heavy focus on eyes and it swaps between various odd angles constantly.

I think I’m going to try and get into Monogatari

It’s official, 5 chapters in and chainsaw man is a new favorite

sexual reference 

Chainsaw man hittin my femdom likings hard

I’ve gotten into UMaine and Clarkson so far. Still holding out for Princeton and a few others.

Heheheh I’m turning my mom into a communist

I ran out of my adhd meds so I’m running on fumes of attention long past. And I’m already super flighty ON my meds lmfao

Maybe all this body acne is because I’ve worn the same 2 comfort shirts for 4 weeks?

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