Anyone know of a project needing a voice actor or narrator? I have a fairly deep south-west england voice that's looking for some exposure. Will do it for free if it's a small or non-profit project, charges if it's for an established company or project. Voice samples available on request.

Boosts appreciated, get me out there!

@Ackthrice There is Librivox. It's a project to make audiobooks out of texts not under copyright anymore which are then released to public domain

Ooh yes! I came across this ages ago and had completely forgotten about it, thank you

@Ackthrice I know @Caudle occasionally puts out calls for voice actors?

@Ackthrice I don't know anything about your industry. I wonder if putting a sample on and/or would help? And then link it in your profile and posts like this one looking to attract boosts.

I had considered peertube but wasnt sure if it's audio-only friendly or requires video. If mastodon supported audio uploads I'd just put them on here.
Someone else mentioned funkwhale too so I'm gonna have a look at that though initial impression is its very music focused and people might not appreciate me clogging up their instance with spoken stuff

@Ackthrice Plenty of vids on youtube are audio only in practice, because they only contain the same static frame for the whole thing.
I'm sure funkwhale won't mind, just like soundcloud wouldn't mind.
The idea is to fill the need for getting your voice out there on a public link :-)

Oh yeah, its more from my end turning them into vids just for the sake of it is what annoyed me about using youtube (aside from everything else about youtube).
I might give it a shot with funkwhale anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

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