Anybody out there know of any good youtube (or equivalent) channels or podcasts about and design?

Like GMTK but for games I guess, NOT just reviews, like looking at mechanics and theming and all that good stuff

I think the most mechanical one I know is Ludology.

I love boardgame in bed, but it is very light and not exactly what you are looking for.

I know the boargame design lab podcast has quite a few good episode that covers specific mechanics. has nice things on the industry (so everything else that needs to happend to make games).

Mark Rosewater has a good podcast that sometime covers mechanics

Board Game University old episode were good.

Ah thanks, I'll have a look at those, minus the business ones, I'm just a hobbyist I dont have any interest in that side of things. Looks like there are a few interesting deep dives around though

@Ackthrice I like the Design Games podcast (with Will Hindmarch and Nathan Paoletta), the RPG Design Panelcast, Games With Garfield, Ludology, Across the Table, and The Farrier's Bellows.

And Mark Rosewater's podcast Drive to Work, even though I don't play Magic the Gathering.

@Ackthrice have you tried the Ludology podcast?
I’m well behind these days, but it used to have some good points.

I hadn't but a few people have recc'd it now so I'm looking at it now, thanks!

@Ackthrice this was mostly the hosts designing games and talking about what went right and what went wrong during the process. it does not have its own feed seperate from the RPPR main feed, but you can browse the episodes from the link.

@Ackthrice For RPGs: Stop, Hack, & Roll, RPG Design Panelcast, and Design Doc are primarily focused on design. Also RPG Design Friends is good, but it's on hiatus right now. Misdirected Mark and Bonus Experience split between design discussion and gaming advice.

I saw The Farrier's Bellows was already mentioned, but I +1 that one, too!

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