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Moved over because was too noisy, this seems a better speed. So now you have to endure my face instead!
They/them, love talking leftism, tabletop game design and horror/weird fiction as well as pretty much anything else under the sun

@jskellogg hi, I noticed you had stuff on, specifically rpg stuff. Is it an easy platform to use? I occasionally release rpg stuff and for various reasons I'm not having any fun with DTRPG and I really dont have the energy to host my own site. I just want a site to host a few no-minimum pay-what-you-want things on.

#DnD thought:
Could we please stop pretending that "roleplaying" means "talking"? All you have to do to roleplay is make choices consistent with your character's identity/personality/etc. You can roleplay during exploration or combat just as much as in social interactions.


in the year 2029 it will be illegal to make any media in smaller denominations than trilogies

I am hungry but I don't have anu food and I dont have the energy or money to go to the shop (Ive been on nights and get paid in a few days and I just want to play xcom.

I am hunhry but I don't have anu food and I dont have the energy or money to go to the shop (Ive been on nights and get paid in a few days and I just want to play xcom.

@Ackthrice do you know the RPG Sorcerer? The magic system is based on invoking demons, and the demons, once invoked... are NPCs controlled by the narrator, and have their own goals and needs, and rebel, etc.

Obviously this goes mostly for stories, games may need a numbers way to mechanise magic (though there are arguably other ways to make magic balanced without resorting to the vancian model)

Equally magic that always works as expected/ follows consistent rules is usually boring. And makes deus ex machina very tempting. More fun to have the characters at the whims of fate/gods/the ether rather than able to learn the precise application of everything. Otherwise you're probably just looking for an excuseto introduce more modern tech into a traditional 'fantasy' setting which is somewhat pointless.

Thought for the day:
Magic systems with clearly defined (probably mathematical) rules are boring and aren't really magic, just alt-science.

the neoliberal transformation of the education system into a worker-producing machine has turned the humanities into a societal embarrassment, a jumble of bizarre cultural detritus, and the last few generations of schoolchildren have internalised this distaste. the cultural forces which work to undervalue less-profitable pursuits such as art are then internalised by creators and consumers of art

as an addition if you want to do some good she loves getting letters

address is

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center 2001 Mill Road Alexandria, VA 22314

she can only get white paper, no cards or postcards and shit

apparently she can get newspapers too so trotskyites can participate

Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

It would he a tragedy if human beings ever developed a society

#UK #immigration

> For all the outrage about the actions of Donald Trump and the #USA’s immigration policies, here in the UK an asylum seeker can be locked up, without charge, for as long as the state decides.

> This is wrong. No ifs, no buts.

> Right now, the Home Office locks up nearly 25,000 people a year, including some of the most vulnerable people that ever come into contact with the British State. These include asylum seekers, pregnant women, and children.

Hi everyone! It's been forever. So I'm trying a thing, thought some of you might be interested. It's a very short, constrained game design jam:

Also, any enthusiasts out there tried 6mm games? I really miss wargaming but its so expensive at larger scales, it looks like you could put an army together for about £20-30 in 6mm which is much more achievable. Is it still fun with the tiny ones?

Trying to tease out the parts of a project that serve the project and cutting the rest is soo hard...

Like there are mechanics in this game that I really like but they are intrinsically linked to other knock on effects and linked mechanics that are Not Fun, and I'm having a hard time pulling out what is what...

it royally pisses me off that automated metro systems actually make sense and have been successfully implemented in small cities and subsections of larger cities while america pisses money down the impossible pipe dream of self driving cars

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