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Moved over because was too noisy, this seems a better speed. So now you have to endure my face instead!
They/them, love talking leftism, tabletop game design and horror/weird fiction as well as pretty much anything else under the sun

Explaining the whiteness in Game of Thrones as “it was based on medieval Europe” is bullshit.

Obviously we're not supposed to have favourites but average sray with us is ~3 months and this kids been with us for 2.5 years and Ive seen him go from someone with no memory and extremely low impulse and emotional control who we feared would end up in a psychiatric unit being sedated to someone who is going to live in the community and regularly goes out with no issues, manages his emotional state infinitely better and is learning comprehensive ways to adapt for his lack of memory and other limitations and its been amazing to help.

My favourite patient is leaving, very bittersweet :( Its the best thing for him but I'm gonna miss working with him and seeing him improve.

I did forget I was supposed to meet my partner for lunch tho which sucked and I feel really guilty :(

I did a writing today for the first time in a while (been on the drawing swing of the writing/drawing pendulum that is my motivation) and it was fun and I'm happyish

I find it unendingly funny that I spent most of my teen years desperately trting to grow body/facial hair and now I spend a lot of time experimenting with ways of removing it

I love to only play games that came out 10+ years ago because this has three big advantages:

1) I can find emulators online for free
2) 10 years is plenty of time for the cream to rise to the top of an ocean of trash
3) 10 years ago I was a baby who didn't pay attention to spoilers

We've always had to carefully weigh our words before we speak around important people. All that's changing is who we're defining as important.

There were a few good scenes and some amazing Demon designs that were visible for all of about 30.seconds. Pacing was all over the place though like watching a load of video game cutscenes strung together with none of the intermediary changing of setting and pace just jumping from one 'plot' point to the next.

Saw Hellboy against my better judgement, it deserves its 11% on Rotten Toms.

My sleep music just consists of whatever the first result when i search sppppaaaaccccceeee on any given audio platform

If you are a musician or sound artist and you urgently need 'native' support for audio uploads on mastodon, you can (and please do!) vote (thumbs up) or ideally write a short comment on the issue on github: "Allow users to post audio files #4827"

It looks like support is almost there but still not really implemented. Votes for this can raise the priority of this much needed feature.

(please boost!)

Reminder that under communism, you have to be interesting.

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