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Moved over because was too noisy, this seems a better speed. So now you have to endure my face instead!
They/them, love talking leftism, tabletop game design and horror/weird fiction as well as pretty much anything else under the sun

pc: i/o error, disk full
me: INCORRECT, TECHNICALLY my solid state drive contains not a single disk-shaped part; I will be informing mr linux of your behaviour's

The most annoying hang over from when I worked retail is this feeling that I can't do fun stuff with my time off. Because in that job I felt that all time in work was essentially wasted time I felt I needed to do as much creative and other stuff as possible in my down time.

Now I work in health care and actually value the time I spend at my job as helpful and having a positive impact on others I should cut myself a bit of slack and not beat myself up when I spend a day playing video games and not engaging in struggle or creating stuff.

Ok right It's taken me 2 hours to psych myself up to it but I'm leaving the flat for a walk dammit. It shouldn't be this hard.

@Ackthrice wow literally me right now as I stare down this work i should be doing

Yesterday was a good day so I guess today should be spent with no energy and no concentration right?

Kinda in the mood to write some bad LotR style fantasy like I used to when I was a teenager

If you're working with other people, don't be a lazy shit yeah? You're making life harder for other workers when you do that. By all means, time steal and half ass when you can, but don't do that when you know another worker has to pick up the slack or get an ear bashinh because X wasn't finished. It's not cool to fuck over other workers

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i mean nobody needs to be in the army or ice or police force get a real job

Ok things to do for today:
- Play electric harmonica
- Make final tweaks to game for tonight's playtest
- Do a sign language lesson
- Play some video games maybe
- Look for support worker jobs

Ok, go!

Periodic reminder that will unlock any scientific paper as long as you have a direct URL or DOI.

I really wish tags weren't inline. I'd use them much more often if they were like Tumblr's and didn't add to my posts in a way I'm uncomfortable with.

All you lewd posters on here are making it very difficult for cannibals to find each other. I mean it used to be saying 'I want to eat you' would strike fear into a person's heart unless they were on your wavelength. Now everyone's like 'yeah bitch, eat me!'. Smh.

General politics / a plea to the left, I guess? Show more

General politics / a plea to the left, I guess? Show more


i wish i could take my brain out, blow on it like a game boy cartridge, and put it back in

@Ackthrice these are both wonderful ideas I didn't expect! I'm a big fan of the goblin idea but I love the reality of the spoonie game :D

I wish my shirt still matched the car colour so this selfie was more artsy but 🤷🏻‍♂️

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