@mother @22goingon23 ungoogled chromium is actually worse than chromium, the devs do not care about anything and they just want to remove anything with "Google" in the name.

All ungoogled binaries are development builds, they use GCC, all of this breaks some security features and ruins performance of chromium.

@22goingon23 Googod Chrome is an information gathering trojan horse for an unethical personal data broker.

@22goingon23 I wouldn't use it at all if some websites weren't just completely broken in Firefox

@schratze @22goingon23 let them break

call their landline and let out your inner boomer

@Nikurasukun it doesn't let me choose input devices at all so I can never turn on my microphone

@schratze When it asks for the permission for the microphone I can choose my device through a drop down in that window.
But yeah, it isn't possible in the UI of jitsi itself.

@schratze At least on my Linux machine at home, on my macBook at work it selects the default input device, when I change that and reload the page, the device for jitsi is also changed

@Nikurasukun yeah for me it just straight up doesn't work in Firefox whereas ungoogled chromium lets me select my audio devices without any issues

@schratze @22goingon23 that's exactly why you shouldn't start using Chrome then, because it gives Chrome even more market share and thereby more and more webdevs think it's not important anymore to test for Firefox for example

@j_r @22goingon23 and what do you suggest I do instead? Just not use jitsi and the other broken websites anymore?

@j_r @22goingon23 oh lmao

I am just now testing jitsi in firefox again and now all of a sudden it works

Istg this was broken for more than a year

@schratze @j_r @22goingon23
lmao, this thread is how I learned Jitsi works in Firefox now. Thanks everyone.

@schratze @22goingon23 yes, if a website does not work in my non Chrome based browser, I think they don't want me reading their content or using the service or whatever...

@schratze You could use Brave for those sites that you really need but don't work in Firefox. @j_r @22goingon23

@phalanx to be precise, I use either Falkon or ungoogled chromium if Firefox doesn't work. If you read the rest of the thread you'll see that the biggest issue for me, jitsi, recently got fixed. Still I can't help but laugh whenever the crypto scam browser Brave gets mentioned anywhere

@schratze You asked for a suggestion, I gave you one. No need for that tone.

As for Brave being "Crypto Scam", that sounds like FUD to me.

@phalanx you're aware of their business model with BAT right? That's cryptocurrency garbage and people across the board have said that they haven't gotten near the amount of money promised to them

@schratze Yes, I am aware of that. Disabled it right after installing the browser. As a result, I have a fast Chromium-based browser with integrated tracking protection.

@22goingon23@deadinsi.de ok cool except firefox (the only alternative) is shit and just gets worse every update, chromium is also shit but it's slightly less so

@chjara @22goingon23 I still wonder how mozilla came to become so pathetic

@meeper@outerheaven.club @chjara@mk.disqordia.space @22goingon23@deadinsi.de They ousted Eich in a poorly considered purge and middle management rot took hold of the entire company. Oh well, at least they sponsored Rust :^)

@meeper@outerheaven.club @chjara@mk.disqordia.space @22goingon23@deadinsi.de Also people don't like admitting this, but in many ways, Chromium is simply the better designed and better considered browser. Any OpenBSD developer could tell you that without a seconds thought.

@devilish @chjara @22goingon23 mozila had many chances to give firefox a faceup and instead they made it worse :/

@devilish @meeper @chjara @22goingon23 Firefox probably still has code from before it forked from Netscape Navigator.

It's installed by default in new version of Linux Lite (6.0/6.x).
I found the distro very usable but now it turned bad.

@22goingon23 Just too many of my sites are only working properly in Chrome. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Even with Edge and the same engine i have issues sometimes. Firefox is borderline unusable for me. Tried them all, always came back to Chrome. Firefox was only fine for me until approx. Chrome 15.

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