if you have Norton Antivirus or Norton VPN, delete the software ASAP.
Norton is automatically installing and running a cryptocurrency mining program in the backgrounds of their users. There is no text box asking to confirm the use of this program and is installed automatically, it runs during “downtime” on your computer . While the official announcement said that this program was exclusive to the US, international users are reporting it as well. We don’t know the exact scope yet.

@22goingon23 dont u need to check a box to turn it on? thats what happened on my
computer at least?

@22goingon23 Do we have any report on the cryptominer running without the user's prompt? As far as I heard, while the executable does install without the user's permission, it doesn't run without their permission.

@22goingon23 do you have a source for it automatically being enabled? Your link includes the following text:

“Will Norton 360 mine my device without my permission?

No. In addition to having a device that meets system requirements, you must also turn on Norton Crypto on your device. If you have turned on Norton Crypto, but you no longer want to use the feature, you can disable it through your Norton Crypto dashboard.”

Not that I’d recommend a Norton product to anyone, but at least on the surface it appears to be opt-in.

@22goingon23 any evidence of it running before you agree to run it yet? (Lots of claims have been made, that isn't the same thing)

@22goingon23 @anonny125 Not automatically! There's a checkbox that asks you to do so! It requires an agreement and is NOT automatic!

here's where i have the information from:

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