if all you kolektivists gave $1/mo or something to @subMedia to keep kolektiva.social running, they’d reach their goal and then could focus on delivering that sweet riot porn instead instead of pushing annoying fundraiser videos.

if you got it, give it!


shoebills really are the ultimate "i can be your angle or yuor devil" type creatures

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Four-cornered hat made of camelid wool. Peru, Wari civilization, 600-800 AD [1590x1638]


Article: Police Issued an Amber Alert for a Kidnapped Teen—Then Shot Her Dead As She Ran to Them for Help


Woman, Life, Freedom! New video in solidarity with the revolution in Iran.

A collaboration with @asranarshism@twitter.com
and @Antimdia1@twitter.com

#MahsaAmini #IranRevolution

Founded by anarchists + wobblies over 15 years ago, Seattle Solidarity Network continues to fight and make bosses + landlords take L's. Here's a report on a recent campaign which won back unpaid wages for one worker. itsgoingdown.org/seattle-solid

BREAKING: Magistrate drops all charges!

Lismore local, Mali faced up to 2 years in prison after blocking the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in June. They were charged under NSWs new draconian anti-protest laws. All charges were just dropped.

#BlockadeAustralia #Auspol

Man I'm just trying to work over time because I am tired of living out of budget, but i can barely keep my eyes open right now.

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

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