using my vagina to 3-d print a dildo out of extruded plastic and then use it as a strap

#OtD 3 Jun 2016 a federal judge in the US ruled that women's soccer players could not go on strike despite their collective bargaining agreement (including a no-strike clause) having expired. The women were in dispute over pay discrimination

you wanna know why income inequality falls along racial lines?

- renting is more expensive than owning but home loans penalize black people
- hiring discrimination
- pay discrimination
- school-to-prison pipeline
- overpolicing depopulates communities
- low-income neighborhoods tend to reside in unhealthy/environmentally dangerous locations
- which means increased rates of disabilities, higher health costs
- can't work if you're sick
- public transportation underfunded in black neighborhoods

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On Sunday, the far-right ultranationalist politician Naftali Bennett announced that he would join a coalition to remove Netanyahu as prime minister and potentially replace him. Here's are some of Bennett's views on Palestinians and their right to self-determination."

why does 1password have an option that encourages you to store your two-factor authentication secrets in the vault alongside the passwords for accessing the same resources

do they know what "two-factor" means

im excited for my gf to torture me for trying to do crimes!! (#BladesInTheDark) (chaste)

you mean to tell me those ATMs that are just out in public everywhere DONT stand for ass to mouth?

This book is soooo boring when do marx and engels kiss 😑

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