‪I hit somebody with my car last night but due to my positive outlook and mindfulness I didn’t let it get to me‬

NFTs happened because of the rare pepe joke from 2015

the nation is run by christian fundamentalist extremists who kill their dissenters and keep innocent people locked in torturous cages for decades. they turn away or kill refugees and impose extremist laws on women while telling the rest of the world that it's in the name of security and morality. they are gathering weapons of mass destruction and have already used them multiple times against innocent civilians in the name of defending their corrupt and dangerous empire. most people live in substandard conditions especially those considered unworthy by elite puppetmasters. humanitarian aid is squashed or penalized. they poison the air, water and soil needed for their people to live. already-brainwashing media is muzzled and controlled by government agencies. they don't even feed children or give healthcare to those who most need it. oh and they have this thing called "SCOTUS"

Are you on Twitter? Do you assume that public stuff you post can be enjoyed by all?

Just so you are aware, this is what I have to do to look at things on Twitter:

- Go to some profile: big banner asking me to join Twitter covers the whole thing. Tap the cross.
- Expand a tweet: same banner is back… BUT: tapping the cross takes you BACK to the precious page. No, to actually see the tweet and replies, you have to RELOAD the page.

This is the perpetual dance. Every single page.


Facebook is very similar.
Instagram is worse.

People who use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… etc. as their main, supposedly public website / profile / repository of information don’t realise how painful they are to navigate if you can’t or don’t want to show your membership card.

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Chips make #Verkehrswende
Folgen des Chipmangels haben zu rekordniedrigen Autoverkäufen in Europa geführt. In der gesamten EU wurden im Dezember nur knapp 800.000 Autos neu zugelassen. Das ist ein Minus von 22,8 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat.

Why oh why are sitcoms STILL using canned laughter sounds?? In 2022!!

It’s literally impossible to find beard-care products that aren’t called like “Commodore Rex Manly’s Industrial Grade Dude Pomade: Atomic Naval Assault Scent”

Anyone here use session messenger? Hit me up if you do :anarchy: :antifa: :awwwblob: :_gay_: :420:

@thamesynne They say piracy is a service problem...

but really its a service solution!

Happy MLK Day. America is reaping its abject failures to address racism, capitalism, and the military-industrial complex that he fought against.

coinbros doing a stupid, hilarious 

Cryptobros win an auction for Jodorowsky's "Dune" concept art compendium in book form:

They paid ~100× the estimated price. And they think buying this book gives them the necessary rights to make a series based on it. 🤣

I mean, shouldn't NFT bros know everything about copyright and imaginary property?

I cannot stop laughing.

coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@rysiek Check the story closer - they're entertaining the idea of scanning the book page by page, and selling pages (or subsections) as NFTs, and *burn the actual physical copy* as to make NFTs "more valuable".

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