One day I will be cute enough to fluster the guys and the lesbians

Mark my words

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

The implication here being that there are 2 genders: guys and lesbians

@2015_05_09 I remember seeing your selfies a while back and thinking "Wow, she's cute!"

and then seeing them more recently and discovering "Oh she's trans! And still really cute!"

And then I read your gender diary and find out you've not even been out a year yet and you're already so damn cute!

In summary: ahhhh you're cute.

@diffractie aaaa oh my gosh :blobcatblush:

And you didn't realize I was trans??

@2015_05_09 you are absolutely cute enough to fluster the lesbians

goshie woshies :blobcatblush:

@2015_05_09 that day... is... uh

[counts on fingers]


do I need to carry the one

[pulls out notepad and scribbles furiously]

...all of them?

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