Hi I'm cute and I pass quite well. Which my brain feels very conflicted about because I never thought I could be a girl for my whole life.

I like it a lot though. A bunch of people are even starting to say I look cis.

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

Thank you all for the nice comments!!! I live entirely off of the nice words of all you amazing people so please know how much I appreciate!!

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Every compliment I get is a huge help in my daily battles against dysphoria. My brain can't have what it wants, to be cis, so I need to convince it that what I have is good enough. But I can't do that unless other people also see me as a girl.

So please compliment, it really helps.

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And here are some of today's selfies

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

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@2015_05_09 Yep. Totally passing. Color me green with envy ;-)

@2015_05_09 you look wonderful!! You seem confident in your style, and it helps even more! :heart_pride:

@2015_05_09 > cute and pass well
Well, I must heartily concur on both scores. (o^^o)

@2015_05_09 you're gay and cute and prety!!!! :blobcatshy:​ goshies!

@2015_05_09 You do look awesome! And there's a happy sparkle in your eyes I hope I am not making up :)

@2015_05_09 Looking at you, I can't imagine anyone seeing you as anything BUT a girl.

@2015_05_09 you look fuckin fantastic and I love your hairr!!

@2015_05_09 being cis is just never having examined your own gender

when you found out your gender was different than what people told you it was, it was the finding out that made you trans, not the being different

@2015_05_09 I don't see anything there other than a very cute girl, the only thing you're lacking in is confidence.
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