Reminder that this is what my laptop looks like and every time I'm in a meeting I force some middle aged business manguy to look at it for hours.

@2015_05_09 yoooo I also have “dismantle oppressive systems” AND the trans masc version of the dragon sticker that kicks ass

@FirstProgenitor yesssss they're so good! I need to place another redbubble order sometime soonish

@2015_05_09 the thing that would bother me the most if I had to look at this would be that I can't read some of the words because they're partially covered up

@ben I simply got tired of that sticker and covered it uwu

@2015_05_09 the power test is how long it takes someone to work out what "dism opp sy" is

@DoublePlusGood23 spray paint!! Plain and simple :) I've had it on for over a year now and it's rubbed off at some points with general use but I could just put some more coats on.
I think I remember attempting to sand the surface of each individual key beforehand too.

@2015_05_09 I can taste the sweet sweet agony they experience through that photo, nice.

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