The most painful lesson of the 21st century will be that doing something ironically is still doing the thing, which means that things like Cyberpunk 2077 portraying a dystopia in this way will lead to real life transphobia whether you like it or not.
But most importantly for the whole world is that ironic nazi imagery, or letting ironic nazi imagery be posted on your platform, leads to nazism.
Hi, Twitter. Hi, YouTube.

For context: cyberpunk tried to save their asses with "it's a hypersexualized capitalist dystopia, *everybody* is sexualized" while having an in-game ad of a trans woman with a large penis on full display.

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Re: cyberpunk
If you show something like a fascist society without explicitly showing that it's bad then it won't have the effect you want. If you show sexualized trans women ads in your game it doesn't matter if your intent is that "this is bad", people will not take it that way.

It will contribute more to sexualizing trans women in the end than it will in showing corporations are bad.

And the only way to avoid that is to... Not sexualize trans women.
There's no winning move in sexualizing trans women. Simply don't do it.

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By "explicitly showing that it's bad" I mean in an educational setting. Never present horrible fascist/sexist/transphobic propaganda in any capacity that's not providing proper context for how awful it is and absolute especially never provide it in what is otherwise meant to be an enjoyable experience.

Never ever.

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This is nothing new of course, the Nazis used this strategy the first time around.

But this time they access to infinite real time communication across the whole world and, because corporations are shit, a way to reach the most vulnerable without getting banned from spreading their bullshit propaganda.

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@2015_05_09 their argument (the ad is shitty because corpos are shitty) would have almost made sense from literally anyone else but they are not the people to make that kind of statement about trans people given their history

@violet my argument is that it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. It will always lead to bad things because it always has historically.

@2015_05_09 I’m reminded of Truffaut allegedly saying “there is no such thing as an anti-war film,” and look how right the 21c. has already proven him

@2015_05_09 Indeed. I have to wonder how much normalising of trans women there is in the game. (My bet: None). There would have to be a /shit ton/ to make that ad less problematic.

One problematic* instance does not decent representation make. Not by a long fucking way.

(*understatement of the year)

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