Boost this to instantly become gay and gain 5 skill levels in Programming

I just got off work so if you boost this now it's double points or if you boost it again you get the triple gay

Now that you know how to program boost this to celebrate with gay pizaz




I'm only 7 toots off of 300 boosts please help me achieve the next level of gay

Just 2 more boosts come on give it to me please :ablobreach:

Did you think I was happy with just programming socks?

I bought hacker gloves too.

So I can
*Queer hacker voice* I'm in

@2015_05_09 that’s like super comfy and gay and comfy ❤️

@2015_05_09 Wow the resistance on those leggings must be enormous.

@2015_05_09 Dang, those are *good* programming socks.

*sighs, has yet to find herself some, so she can be a good programmer like @aurora wra.*

@2015_05_09 I Rosie it by another 3 points 😋
Plus a bowser, duckgame & pikmin plushie

@2015_05_09 How many levels do we gain in gayness if we're already gay af?

@Fergant Vem fan lägger banan på pizzan?

för helvete...

@Fergant Aldrig hört talas om sådana fasoner och jag bor här

@Wayril amazon
Or, uhh, like what it says on the box they came in

@2015_05_09 are the skill points represented by those round things on the floor

@HellBuns Haha, no. I'm just still in the process of moving so my room's a mess.

@HellBuns Oh, sick! Hope it's good. Moving is pretty good except all the moving stuff.

@2015_05_09 (BTW, my non-gay ex-girlfriend loved rainbow socks)

@2015_05_09 As I'm colourblind, I hate them, as I hate anything that reminds me I can't see colours correctly

@2015_05_09 Though this should not prevent you from showing off your gayness! Be gay if you feel that way!

@2015_05_09 I just want to know where I can get a pair.

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